Licensing terms and conditions

Below is the general outline of our licensing agreement which can be adjusted on a per client basis to suit our clients’ specific needs and requirements.

  1. License can be either exclusive or non-exclusive.
  2. We license our productions for a period of two to five years with the possibility for multiple broadcasting/screening.
  3. Within that period, the licensee is entitled to use and dispose of the work in all fields of exploitation.

We supply the respective files by uploading them to an FTP account provided by the client.

Technical information


Codec: MPEG-2 422P@HL, LONG GOP
Container: MXF
Frame size: 1920×1080
Interlaced – 25i
Video bitrate: CBR 50Mbit
Chroma format: 4:2:2


Audio tracks: 8 (1&2 track – stereo mix, 3&4 track – M&E)
Media type: PCM 24 bit

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