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China: the Past and the Present - On The Tea Trials

Religion and nature, politics and economy, world cultural heritage and archaic villages, fascinating events and everyday life of common people, intriguing history of the Middle Kingdom. All those themes are tied by the culture of tea - a phenomenon of Chinese and global civilization.

China: The Cradle of Tea

A story about a phenomenon of civilization, the fifth Chinese essential invention – the tea. The history presented in the film depicts the country and people of whom the fate is tied to the green leaves of the shrub. It’s Europe’s and probably world’s first documentary showing the Chinese culture of tea in a holistic way, including its spiritual values, material and historical background as well as contemporary conditions. Read more

China: Stairway to Heaven

Highlighting Chinese policy on natural and cultural landmarks, the crew reaches some of the most dazzling places in China: Wulingyuan Reserve with Zhangjiajie Forest and Suoxi Valley; Hunan Long, the biggest Asian cave; Miao people’s village; Hunan’s buddhist temples; Fenghuang, the Phoenix City, jewel of Chinese architecture; the ancient imperial burial grounds; Yueyang Tower; the School of Thought in Changshy; Shaoshan – Mao Zedong’s birthplace; Palace of Fire. Read more

China: South of the Lake

The modern history of Hunan province mirrors the twists and turns of China’s policies in many areas, including the economy. The documentary delves not only into those socio-economic topics, but also explores the rich cultural heritage of the province and emphasizes its natural beauty, which earned itself a place on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. Read more

China: You Are That What You Think

Chinese version of Buddhism and its history are shown through interviews with buddhist masters, life paths of monks and exploration of the nature of Chinese Zen. Among many other locations and events, the film features sequences shot in 17-century old Lingyin Si – Temple of the Soul’s Retreat – and other historical shrines previously unavailable to foreign filmmakers, as well as the first-ever recorded rites in Lingyin Si and Shangtianzhu Faxi. Read more

China: Taoists of Hangzhou Hills

Basing on the history of 17-century old Baopu monastery, located on the hills of ancient capital of China near the Western Lake, we learn about the past, the rituals, the culture and the current state of Taoism. Unique shots of Taoist celebrations, beautiful music originating in the Tang period, everyday life of the monks – from tai-chi exercise to deep meditation, form a rich and vivid image placed firmly in the beauty of monastery’s surroundings. Read more

China: Pearls of Paradise

Hangzhou is a home of silk, green tea and worldwide internet trading. It’s also a city where Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam coexist among the great religious monuments and unique nature. A city which Marco Polo described the most romantic and luxurious in the world. Read more

China: The Land of Lu Yu

The Sage of Tea was born in 733 A.D. He reached the age of 71, with 28 years spent in Guzhu, a state located close to Hangzhou, the ancient capital of the Empire – nowadays: Zhejiang in south-eastern China. During his stay in Guzhu Lu Yu wrote the famous Tea Classic – Chajing, the epochal work known in every country which tea was important for. To this day Guzhu is a home of the historic complex associated with the Sage and the remnants of the first imperial tea factory dated to the Tang period, to the foundation of which Lu Yu contributed. Read more

Other films

Amber: The Living Stone

Succinite, or the Baltic amber is often called the gold of the North. This fossil resin of coniferous trees has a colorful history starting in the Eocene, a history that the documentary meticulously uncovers before the viewer. The full-feature documentary reportage explores the historical background, places and people connected with one of the most beautiful and noble stones found in the Baltic Sea region. Read more

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