China: Taoists of Hangzhou Hills

The faces of Taoism in the Middle Kingdom

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About the Documentary

The documentary presents the faces of Taoism in the Middle Kingdom, both in the past and nowadays. Basing on the history of 17-century old Baopu monastery, located on the hills of ancient capital of China near the Western Lake, we learn about the past, the rituals, the culture and the current state of Taoism. Unique shots of Taoist celebrations, beautiful music originating in the Tang period, everyday life of the monks – from tai-chi exercise to deep meditation, form a rich and vivid image placed firmly in the beauty of monastery’s surroundings.

The documentary is supplemented by comments from the monks explaining their experiences before and after joining the monastic community. Furthermore, we learn about the basic rules of Taoism and foundations of Taoist doctrine contained in Dao De Jing, the Book of the Way, written by Laozi, and Zhuangzi’s Nanhua, the True Scripture of Southern Florescence.

Running time:
52m 35s
Polish voice-over (separate audio track), English or Mandarin transcript provided

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