China: Stairway to Heaven

A journey through Chinese culture, society and nature

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About the Documentary

China: Stairway to Heaven intertwines cultural and natural themes to present the Middle Kingdom’s heritage, history and present. The documentary focuses on elements of Chinese policy towards natural resources and cultural landmarks that may not yet be familiar to the wider public. The film crew reaches some of the most dazzling places on Earth, located in remote regions of central and south-east China: Wulingyuan Nature Reserve with Zhangjiajie National Forest Park and Suoxi Valley Reserve; the biggest Asian cave – Hunan Long; the village inhabited by Miao people; buddhist temples in the Hunan province; the jewel of Chinese and world’s architecture, located on the bank of Tuo river – Fenghuang, the Phoenix City; burial grounds of ancient Chinese emperors; Yueyang Tower; the School of Thought in Changshy; Shaoshan – Mao Zedong’s birthplace or the Palace of Fire.

Running time:
53m 34s
Polish voice-over (separate audio track), English or Mandarin transcript provided

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