China: South of the Lake

Exploring Hunan, the cradle of Yangtze river civilization

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About the Documentary

Taking the Hunan province as an example, the film unfolds the picture of Chinese economy and the reasons for its success. Located in the central and south-eastern China, inhabited by the population of 74 million, the province has witnessed a socio-economic transformation of great magnitude in the last 20 years. Hunan, the cradle of Yangtze river civilization, is also a birthplace of many historical figures – among those, Emperor Yan Di, the forefather of Chinese nation and Mao Zedong.

The modern history of Hunan mirrors the twists and turns of China’s policies in many areas, including the economy. The documentary delves not only into those socio-economic topics, but also explores the rich cultural heritage of the province and emphasizes its natural beauty, which earned itself a place on UNESCO’s World Heritage list.

Running time:
54m 44s
Polish voice-over (separate audio track), English or Mandarin transcript provided

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