China: Peculiarities and Passions

Hobbies, custom and pastimes of the Chinese people.

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About the Documentary

China is home to a widely diverse collection of customs and pastimes practised by its inhabitants. Many can be found in music, sculpture, dancing and traditional singing.

The pride of the Shangtian village, a village found in east China, is a dance group consisting of female workers of tea plantations. The villagers practice the art of calligraphy, using the guidelines and knowledge passed through generations of distinguished Chinese individuals since 2nd century A.D.

Everyday at 6 A.M., Hangzhou, the ancient capital of China, witnesses a crowd of 20 thousand people practicing various forms of dance on the Wushan hill – both for social and health reasons.

The film crew also visits locations relevant to Chinese art.

Running time:
54m 11s
Mandarin, Polish voice-over (separate audio track), English transcript provided

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