China: Pearls of Paradise

Hangzhou: a home of silk, green tea and worldwide internet trading

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About the Documentary

The documentary tells the story of Hangzhou, the ancient capital of China which is a source of fascination for the world for more than 2200 years. The famous Italian traveller, Marco Polo, described the city as the most romantic and luxurious in the world.

22-century old Hangzhou still delights the visitor. The current capital of Zhejiang province is located in the southern end of the Great Canal – one of the biggest man-made structures in the history of civilization. Under construction since 495 B.C., the Great Canal has connected Beijing with Hangzhou. Nowadays, it’s a monument on the UNESCO World Heritage list – together with the Western Lake, the most famous urban reservoir or the culture of stampmaking.

Hangzhou is a home of silk, green tea and worldwide internet trading. It’s also a city where Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam coexist among the great religious monuments and unique nature.

Running time:
56m 23s
Polish voice-over (separate audio track); Subtitles in Mandarin; English transcript provided

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